Throughout the history of the NFL, there has been one position more than others that has embodied bravado, swag, and style: Wide Receiver. One of the rising players at the position is Houston Texans wideout and Ohio State Buckeye Legend, Braxton Miller. While Braxton made his name in college for breaking players’ ankles, it is his persona that has made people gravitate towards him off the field.


It is that personal swag that led Swiss-based luxury fashion brand Philipp Plein to tab Braxton as a Brand Ambassador. Earlier this Fall, Miller, and Plein teamed up for a campaign titled “Measures of Success,” which included a croc leather jacket that mirrors how hard work and self- belief can help fuel you to personal success.


In our latest Style Feature interview we sit down with B.Miller to gain some background and insight into his personal style, the differences between Midwestern and Texas style, as well as what he would do if he had the chance the to go shopping with Kanye West. After all, he was one of the select few athletes chosen earlier this season to rock the Adidas Yeezy Cleats


HFL: What is your personal style aesthetic?

Braxton: No basic… that doesn’t mean I won’t wear anything basic but it has to have some meaning behind the visual and details on those garments that I like. Always open to trying new things, but I really need to have a love for it to actually wear it.

HFL: Living in Houston now, what are the differences you have noticed between Texas fashion and Ohio fashion?

Braxton: To be straight up, I haven’t really had the chance to experience fashion in H-town. In Ohio, all designers would also send me their gear and if I liked it, I would mess with it. NGO (MADE BY NGO) he really was the first individual who got me into fashion. He got the vision.


HFL: We loved your video with Philipp Plein. What is it like working with them and how does it feel to be the first person to be their U.S. Brand Ambassador?

Braxton: It’s special. Haha, I wish I was their first U.S. Ambassador, but I am the first U.S. athlete as an ambassador. Being on the same team as Chris Brown and Hailey Baldwin is dope. Those two individuals right there are international. Working with them is a blessing. We got a few things in the works, Philipp is really changing the game. Recently, he launched Plein Sport and it’s building right now.


HFL: You were one of the select few athletes to receive the Yeezy Cleats. Are they actually functional for football?

Braxton: Absolutely, Kanye wouldn’t just partner with Adidas to make cleats because they look good. He is a perfectionist. They are the most functional cleats out there. However, during camp, I used my gold cleats so I really vibe with them right now (Adidas Adizero 5Star 5.0 Gold Men’s Football Cleats) They are fire and I’m comfortable with it. Right now I’m customizing my own Adidas cleats with real details.


HFL: Can you give us some more insight into details of the cleats you are working on with Adidas or your inspiration behind it?

Braxton: Unfortunately I can’t… I need to use my brother aka @CantGuardMike’s hashtag #Shhhh


HFL: Yeezy Boost 350s or 750s?

Braxton: 750s all Day… Yeezy how he do it huh?


HFL: If you could go shopping with anyone in history who would it be?

Braxton: Kanye, but I would rather us walk into a blank room and just talk. We would develop something special. After that, we would go shopping and buy the gear we made.


HFL: What would be the first question you ask him?

Braxton: The same question you asked me vice versa hoping we all can someday work together and make magic happen.


HFL: Besides yourself, who is the best-dressed person on the Texans?

Braxton: Deandre Hopkins… He got a passion for fashion and is always ready. I think we should have a walk off.


HFL: Two fashion tips you would share with your son when he gets older?

Braxton: Be yourself and don’t let anyone’s opinion affect what you want to wear. People are always going to hate and you just got to ignore them.


HFL: Finish this sentence. Style is….

Braxton: One way… You got to do it your way or don’t do it at all.


Written by: Evan Marshall  IG: @Its_What_Ev  Twitter: @HighFashionMen