CHARG1NG 1Way Youth Football Camp

Ready. Set. Break.

The words that mean the world to the kids that came out to my CHARG1NG football camp this past weekend.

Football is the game that changed my life, and I want to bring that to the next generation. My CHARG1NG camp was a place where the youth came to learn, play, and connect with other kids who love the game just as much. It was also a chance for me to spread my message.

Nothing is ever given.

Some people say the next generation doesn’t work hard. They just want life handed to them, that opportunities just come. They say kids are all too privileged now a days.

I say wrong. The kids I met, they work tremendously hard. They have work ethic, strength, and a love for a game. They want to be better and they know it doesn’t just happen overnight.

I asked: “what do you want to do in the game of football”?

Most of course said “I want to play in the NFL”, “I want to be the best wide receiver in pro football”, and “I want to be as good as you one day Braxton”.

I knew my answer to this had to be, that in order to reach those goals, you have to put in the time, effort, and dedication. Those dreams can be attained if you are willing to work hard and not expect it to just come. Do one more rep, stay after practice 10 more minutes, stay in school and actually study to ace those tests. Do MORE than expected and you will get there.

There is only ONE WAY to reach the top, and it is certainly not having it given to you