Cap’n Braxton

I am sitting here, humbled by the support and love by the people who came out to the Touchdown Cap’n Crunch signings at two Kroger locations in Columbus, OH. To those that came out, thank you.

It was so much fun seeing the turnout at each Kroger store. You guys lined up hours in advance, which is crazy, but pretty awesome.

It’s funny really, that I was able to do the event in Columbus. It brought me back to Buckeye Nation, where everything changed. Where not only my life was changed, but my mindset. It is where I learned that nothing is ever given. Every struggle I overcame, every drop of blood and tear I shed, I look back on it and realize it all had a purpose.

Seeing the fans that came out to get an autograph and share their stories keeps me going. I remember one little girl in particular. She came up to the table and said “I wanna be like you someday”. All I could do was smile. It reminds me of my greater purpose in this game: to inspire. But just know, it is you guys that inspire me.

“So good you gotta share the love” is the mantra I take from yesterday. Whether it’s my favorite cereal (I never grew up, Cap’n Crunch is still the best do not even debate), my message of CHARG1NG, or the game of football, I know my purpose is to share what I love and motivate others to do the same.